The AAIS organised the “Strategic Foresight via Scenario Planning: A Preview for Senior & Middle Management” on 17 May 2013 at the AAIS AeroHub. This sharing session was introduced due to the recent world events which have challenged us to anticipate changes in the international business and government landscapes for competitive edge.

The session touched on key points, such as the roles of the Government, SMEs and MNCs in Strategic Foresight, as well as the demonstrations of the Technique in Action. The session was delivered by Eapen George and Wilson Fyffe. Eapen is a Consulting Strategist with over 30 years of experience in strategic and enterprise consulting, and Wilson, a Consulting Futurist with a deep rooted background in Corporate Planning.

The AAIS would like to thank all the participants for taking time off their busy schedules to attend the sharing session, as well as the speakers for sharing on their expertise.