Singapore Aerospace Industry Solar Adoption Report (SAISAR) 2023

The Singapore Aerospace Industry Solar Adoption Report is a collaborative effort between the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) (AAIS) and JTC Corporation (JTC). First published in 2021, the report provides information on solar energy adoption by the aerospace industry in Singapore. It aims to communicate the industry’s sustainability efforts to a wider audience, share about the benefits of implementing solar energy and serve as a reference for all industries to learn about green energy use.

This second edition demonstrates significant progress in solar deployment by Singapore aerospace companies, as part of industry’s collective efforts towards national and global industry decarbonisation goals.


It has been two years since we published our inaugural solar report in 2021. During the intervening period much progress in solarisation has been made by the industry in a relatively short time. This report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of this progress…


The Singapore Government has set a goal of installing at least 2 Gigawatt-peak (GWp) of solar photovoltaic (PV) power by 2030. The plan is for eventually 10 per cent of projected electricity demand in 2050 to be met by solar energy. In January 2024, Minister for Sustainability…


SAISAR tracks solar PV installations in the Singapore’s aerospace industry. The report focuses on aerospace companies in Singapore which are involved in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, manufacturing, aftermarket…


The total installed capacity in the aerospace industry reached 42.3MWp in 2023, or 214% of the 2020 installed capacity of 19.8MWp. This means more solar was installed in the years 2021 to 2023, as compared to the preceding eight years. Aerospace companies’ investment…


Sustainability > Singapore Aerospace Industry Solar Adoption Report 2023 > Solar Deployment Models There are three solar deployment models in use: solar leasing, direct ownership and rooftop licensing. The latest model is the JTC...


The following section of the report features three companies that have embarked on their solar adoption journey. Their cases serve to highlight some of their learnings which may be useful for companies thinking about, or starting on, their own solar adoption journey.


The aerospace industry has made good progress in solar adoption since the inaugural 2021 report. The total installed capacity in the aerospace industry has more than doubled. This has allowed us to maintain our more than 4% share of Singapore’s total installed capacity. There is still potential for more installations in the coming years, as at least seven companies have indicated they are considering solar deployment in the years ahead.


JTC's Push for Solar Adoption

As a frontrunner in sustainable development, JTC, Singapore’s leading industrial landlord, spearheads the nation’s transition to renewable energy through its trailblazing solar initiatives – SolarLand and SolarRoof.

Paving the Way with Solar
JTC’s commitment to solar began in 2017. Since then, the program has achieved significant milestones, transforming over 60 JTC buildings and 70 hectares of vacant land into solar energy hubs. By mid-2023, this green effort generated a combined solar capacity of 135.6MWp.

Expanding SolarRoof for Wider Reach
The SolarRoof program, initially catering to multi-storey buildings, broadened its scope in 2023. Now, JTC landed factories and terrace workshops with suitable rooftops (minimum 800 sqm) can join the program. Notably, successful deployments have been implemented across industrial estates in Seletar, Loyang, Changi, and Pandan Loop. Moreover, since 2021, privately leased properties can benefit from the program through JTC’s partnered vendors.

SolarLand: Powering Up Vacant Land
JTC takes pride in its SolarLand initiative, strategically utilizing vacant land for solar farms. Changi Business Park boasts the title of housing Singapore’s largest ground-mounted solar farm, featuring over 35,500 panels and generating an estimated 19 MWp. Recently, a new tender awarded in December 2023 promises an even larger project on Jurong Island. This expansion, encompassing 60 hectares and rooftops of five JTC buildings, is expected to reach a staggering 117MWp capacity, multiplying Jurong Island’s solar generation by nearly sixfold.

Building a Sustainable Future, Together
JTC remains steadfast in its pursuit of renewable energy solutions. Aligning with Singapore’s goal of achieving at least 2 GWp of solar capacity by 2030, JTC is actively unlocking the solar potential of a further 900 MWp on privately leased sites through industry consultations and partnerships.

JTC’s unwavering dedication to solar power, exemplified by the phenomenal progress of SolarLand and SolarRoof programs, underscores its vital role in propelling Singapore’s journey towards a sustainable energy future.

Find out more about JTC’s solar deployment efforts here.



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