UAS Indoor Testbed

Indoor testbed facility for commercial applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Open for bookings!

Facility Location 690 West Camp Road JTC Aviation 2 #11-02/03 Singapore 797523
Floor Plan   
Eligibility 1. Singapore registered entities that are conducting UAS research & development activities.

2. Only for industrial test-bedding and customer demonstration purposes.
(ie. activities like filming, training & commercial/retail uses will not be supported)

3. Privileges accorded to companies in the Singapore UAS Community.


Time slots Mondays to Fridays only.
AM slot: 9am to 1pm, PM slot: 1:30pm to 5:30pm


“We were looking for a suitable venue to conduct our indoor drone project for quite some time until we found the UAS Indoor Testbed. The testbed is a big open space of 600 sqm with safety nets installed and it turns out to be the perfect place for our project. After spending a few sessions there, we were able to meet our objectives. The staff here are very friendly and helpful (special thanks to Azizah and Edward for their kind help). The booking process is also very smooth and straightforward. I’d like to thank JTC and AAIS for providing such a nice place for indoor drone test!”

– Dr Liu Qinglai –
Research Scientist
Temasek Laboratories @ NTU

“Many thanks to AAIS and JTC for making available the UAS Indoor Testbed Facility to the UAS community. We tested our ELIOS 2 Confined Spaces UAV at the facility. The testbed was spacious which allowed us to easily configure and control the external flight parameters. We were able to perform and test various flight manoeuvres and were extremely pleased with the results. The staff is helpful (Azizah, in particular), booking process is smooth and the location conveniently located.”

– Mr Lee YiQuan –
Regional Business Development Manager
Viscoy Pte Ltd

“We are delighted that the JTC Aviation 2 has dedicated this indoor facility for testing the UAS.  We have been using this facility for quite some time and the facility is very spacious for us to conduct our flight tests. Special thanks to the executives who have supported us with the booking and other queries.”

– Mr Francis Dominic –
Senior Operation Executive
AeroLion Technologies Pte Ltd


1. What is the initiative about? Are there any charges for booking and use of the facility? How long is the indoor testbed facility trial for? What happens after the trial?

JTC and AAIS embarked on this joint collaboration in response to industry feedback that there is a need for short-term indoor spaces for the testing of UA for development and commercialisation purposes. 2 units at JTC Aviation Two (A2) have been identified for this purpose.

We intend to run this trial for a period of time. There are no plans to charge for booking during this trial period on the basis that we are making interim use of industrial space (without frills) that has yet to be tenanted out. Please note that these 2 units at JTC A2 will continue to remain available on the market, and in the event the units are tenanted out, this initiative may have to cease.

At the end of the trial period, JTC-AAIS will review the initiative, factoring in feedback from the UAS community before deciding on the next course of action.

2. The booking time of 4 hours per slot is too short and not sufficient for my company to complete all the tests. Can I book more than one slot per booking? 

Yes, you can book more than one 4-hour slot for your tests. But to allow other companies to have the opportunity to make use of the facility, each booking will be limited to a maximum period of 2 days (i.e. 4 consecutive slots) only.

We strongly encourage you to complete all your tests within the allocated time slot and to account for at least 15 to 30mins to prepare for inspection, handover of the facility back to JTC/AAIS and refund of the security deposit.

3. The testbed facility is indoor and drones would not be flying out of the indoor space. Why is there still a need for us to apply to CAAS for an activity permit and submit to JTC/AAIS?

CAAS has advised that if the indoor UAS activity involves demonstration to customers or the test requires any other third-party representatives to witness the demonstration or test, an activity permit will be required. If you are unsure and need more information on the matter, please refer to CAAS’ website at If an activity permit is required, do take note of the processing time required by CAAS to process the activity permit.

Please note that if an activity permit is required, you are required to submit a copy of the approved permit, UA registration, UA basic training, and/or UA pilot licensing (wherever applicable) to JTC/AAIS prior to the booking.

4. Are we required to procure insurance for the UAS activity prior for the use of the facility?

We strongly advise you to procure your own UAS insurance to cover any third-party damage arising from the use of the facility.

Aside, a security deposit of $500 will be collected for each booking, and you will need to submit a duly completed letter of indemnity and undertaking to JTC to undertake to pay and repair any damages as a result of the use of the facility. In the event that there is any damage to the facility caused by your UAS, the $500 security deposit will be used to offset the repair costs (which will be assessed by JTC). If the repair cost is more than $500, you will be required to top-up and pay the balance to JTC.

5. The indoor testbed space is bare. Will JTC be installing additional features such as mattresses or padding for drone crashes?

As mentioned under item 1 above, JTC is not imposing charges for the use of this space in view that no frills are provided, and in consideration that the units would continue to be made available for marketing to potential tenants. Introducing additional features would mean that charges will have to be imposed.

6. Can the community pool together resources to provide additional features for the facility?

The UAS community is welcome to pool resources. However, prior consent will need to be sought from JTC before embarking on any implementation and/or installation.

7. Can the indoor testbed facility also be used for training or educational purposes?

As the building is located with industrial land zoned B2, only industrial activities (e.g. development and commercialisation of UAS technologies) are supportable. Educational or commercial activities (such as teaching students how to use a drone) are not supportable.

Booking Details

Booking Instructions
1) Download and peruse the
Booking Guidelines for UAS Indoor Testbed Facility

2) Check the the availability of the facility (Date, Time) by contacting the JTC Business Centre at Seletar Aerospace Park at (65) 6262 5336 or via email to

3) Complete/submit the following:
a. Booking Form for UAS Indoor Testbed Facility
b. Letter of Indemnity and Undertaking for UAS Indoor Testbed Facility
c. A copy of your Company’s ACRA.
d. Copies of CAAS activity permit, UA registration, UA basic training &/or pilot licensing (wherever applicable)

Refundable Deposit
$500 cash deposit or cashier’s order issued in favour of JTC Corporation, to be used to offset against any repair costs in the event of damages, if any.

Privileges for Singapore UAS Community
(a) Open for booking up to 3 months in advance (instead of 1 month)
(b) Use of co-working space at Level 3 Serviced Office, subject to availability.

Location Map