Singapore Aviation Industry Directory

The Singapore Aviation Industry Directory (SAID) is published by the AAIS with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Singapore Aerospace Suppliers Directory

The Singapore Aerospace Suppliers Directory (SASD) is a biennial publication published with the support of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, and SPRING Singapore.

Asia-Pacific Aviation Directory

The first of its kind in the region, APAD is a one-stop digital reference for comprehensive information on aviation suppliers and service providers in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Singapore Unmanned Aircraft Systems Directory

First published in 2019, the Singapore Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Directory is supported by agencies including the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Enterprise Singapore and JTC. It is a one-stop reference featuring Singapore-based UAS service providers, manufacturers, suppliers and end users. For enquiries, please email

AeroSpace Singapore

Launched in February 2008, Aerospace Singapore is a tri-annual publication by the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore). Its attractive and unique lifestyle look-and-feel distinguishes it apart from other publications of the genre. The magazine provides broad coverage on aerospace and aviation technologies, market trends, personalities, industry news and events, with a particular focus on Singapore and the region. There are also sections devoted to emerging SMEs, youth outreach, lifestyle as well as contributions from the aerospace and aviation community, suppliers and solution providers.

Today, Aerospace Singapore has established itself as a valuable information source, and an important business link between suppliers and users of aerospace components and services, with adequate space for business development and marketing opportunities. The magazine is distributed across local and overseas aerospace communities, government missions, international organizations, tertiary institutions, and at industry exhibitions and conferences in Singapore and abroad. All members of AAIS, including more than 80% of top management in the local aerospace industry, also receive a copy of the magazine.

Aerospace Singapore is available for subscription. To subscribe, please complete the Subscription form.

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A Safer Journey: Leveraging New Technologies for Post-Pandemic Air Travel

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the air travel industry to its core and will leave a long-lasting impact on the entire ecosystem. Central to this are airports, many of which have been operating with marginal revenue in the past months. For all the chaos it has brought, the disruption has also presented an opportunity to create a more resilient, innovative, and passenger-centric industry. Airports worldwide have undertaken massive efforts to review existing procedures and practices and accelerate the adoption of better design and technology features.

Aerospace Singapore examines the changes that are being anticipated in the post-pandemic air travel landscape and explores how Singapore’s Changi Airport is preparing for recovery and the future.

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