AAIS organised our first Virtual Networking session on 17 September 2020! Held in place of our traditional quarterly HOST Networking sessions, this web-based event provided the opportunity for members of the aerospace and UAS communities to meet and reconnect while in the comforts and safety of their own spaces.

The event kicked off with a brief keynote on “The Agile Approach in COVID-19 times” by Ms Regina Chua, Chief Agile Designer at DD Consulting. Regina discussed Agile organisations and its relevance in times of crisis. Participants then joined break out rooms to network and share their thoughts on the Agile mindset and what it would mean for their organisations. Dynamic discussions were held between members representing OEMs, the supply chain and service providers, across different sub-sectors like engines, components, materials and others.

We thank Regina and all members for making our first Virtual Networking session a bustling and thought-provoking one! We welcome members and the community to join us for the next one in December. Please subscribe and look out for our newsletters for more information.