AAIS was pleased to contribute towards the Strategic Planning Session of the Aerospace Standards Technical Committee (ASTC) on 20 May 2022.

The ASTC  is a subcommittee of the Manufacturing Standards Committee under the Singapore Standards Council and is co-chaired by Mr Jimson Ngiam (Collins Aerospace) and Dr Kenneth Low (Singapore Institute of Technology) supported by SMF-Standards Development Organisation. The Strategic Planning Session was conceived as an opportunity to discuss and prioritise development of standards to support the national aerospace industry.

In his opening address, Mr Ngiam introduced the work of the ASTC and noted the good progress made by the ASTC in the development of UAS standards during the past 2 years:

TR78-1: 2020 – specifications for the use of UAS to conduct inspection of existing building facades

TR78-2: 2021 – specifications for quality management and application of artificial intelligence for building façade inspection using UAS

TR 101: 2022 – guidelines on airworthiness of unmanned aircraft systems

Discussions at the Session focused on a wide scope, including Smart MRO, Digitalisation and Technology, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Manpower Development. Presentations by expert speakers were followed by a panel discussion moderated by Mr Mervyn Sirisena (Member of AAIS Panel of Experts and AAIS representative on the ASTC). This was followed by break-out discussions and a wrap-up by co-chair Dr Kenneth Low.