Sia Kheng Yok
Chief Executive, AAIS

In 2017, our association reviewed its purpose and developed a new collective vision of “an innovative Aerospace community for a sustainable future”. Our initial focus was on economic sustainability, to secure the competitiveness of the aerospace industry in Singapore for the long term.

It later became evident, through our consultations with members, that there was a strong, developing interest in the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability, beyond the economic. Since then, we have been gearing up and taking incremental steps towards collective action.

Even as the global pandemic continues to create uncertainties, aviation has been plotting its green recovery. The local aerospace industry has continued to pursue sustainability and decarbonisation goals. Companies such as the SIA Group and Rolls-Royce Singapore have recently iterated their progressive commitment towards net zero carbon emissions.

Our inaugural Singapore Aerospace Industry Solar Adoption report presents a consolidated view of progress made by the aerospace industry in Singapore towards implementing solar energy as part of Singapore’s national target of 2GWp by 2030. It represents the association’s effort and commitment to work with aerospace companies to meet their sustainability goals. We hope this provides more impetus for companies to understand the benefits and possibilities of solar implementation, and helps them embark on the path to a greener future.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently issued a report that provided a stark warning about how the human impact on climate change can lead to catastrophic effects for the global population. It is a strong call to action. As an Association, we will continue to galvanise the aerospace community’s efforts to create a better tomorrow for all.