AAIS has joined 80 aviation organisations as a signatory of the “Charter for a Strong and Positive Safety Culture in Singapore” by the Civil Aviation Authority
of Singapore (CAAS). This is the first-ever Safety Charter for the Singapore aviation sector.

Recognising various safety-related challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Charter expresses the shared commitment by leaders in the sector to jointly uphold safety standards and strengthen safety culture in their respective organisations as air travel recovers. Signatories of the Charter pledge to:

  • Uphold safety as a key priority and core value.
  • Foster a strong and positive safety culture.
  • Broaden and strengthen safety promotion, including in collaboration with other organisations.
  • Encourage voluntary reporting of safety hazards, unsafe practices, and safety errors, and including self-disclosure of mistakes, slips, and lapses.
  • Promote confidentiality and protection from punitive action for self-disclosure of safety lapses and mistakes, while not tolerating conduct that constitutes gross negligence, wilful misconduct or criminal activity.
  • Contribute towards strengthening the collective aviation safety culture in Singapore.

The Charter was officially launched by DG Han Kok Juan at the annual CAAS Aviation Safety Forum, which was held at the Pan Pacific on 7 March 2022. At the forum, CAAS also presented the findings of the Aviation Safety Culture Survey – Singapore’s first-ever industry-wide survey to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation safety culture and identify areas for improvement.

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