AAIS organized a visit to the SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) Safety Promotion Centres for RSAF members on 29 Sep 2023.

Participants were conducted on guided tours of the Aviation Safety Promotion Centre and the Workplace Safety Promotion Centre. These centres were established by SIAEC to augment safety training programmes for its staff with the aim of reinforcing workplace safety culture and mindset.

The Aviation Safety Centre included immersive media and informational displays drawing on past incidents from around the world. The Workplace Safety Promotion Centre offered an integrated learning environment combining classroom-based lessons, and experiential and visual learning for participants.

Attendees from various units, including AFI and QAB, gained a comprehensive overview of safety protocols and practices in the  commercial aerospace industry. The interactive exhibits coupled with detailed explanations by our experienced hosts left an lasting impression. Thank you to SIAEC for hosting, and we look forward to seeing more of our RSAF Members at our future events!