In this AM Community webinar on 8 July 2021, we examined 2 metal AM technologies that are making inroads in Aerospace applications – Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED). Pierre Pays and Oscar Derouette of BeAM Machines discussed the merits of both technologies and their applications with case studies.

PBF shares the layer-by-layer fabrication approach of other AM methods, but requires minimal support structures, allowing for more complex geometries to be produced. DED involves a focused energy source to locally melt feedstock material. Multi-axis deposition is possible and DED is suited to Aerospace manufacturing, coatings and repairs of high-value aerospace components such as turbine blades, blisks and engine combustion chambers.

In the case of a Titanium hydraulic manifold produced by Laser PBF, materials savings of 86% were achieved as compared to conventional machining from a Titanium block. The value of topological optimisation of the design for AM was also emphasized. Another case discussed was that of a high load retainer comprising 2 flanges and a bracket, produced by DED. The impact of powder sizes on surface finish was also presented.

Our appreciation goes to BeAM Machines for a highly informative session.


Watch this Webinar below: