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19 & 20 June 2024
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9am – 5pm (UTC +8)
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One week before course date.
690 West Camp Road
#08-13 JTC Aviation Two
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 797523
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About the Course:
This course is designed to provide a complete overview of Nadcap requirements related to the Chemical Processing audit and is conducted by experienced instructors. All instructors are experts in Nadcap Chemical Processing requirements. An important aspect of the course is the opportunity to ask questions, at any time and on any subject related to Nadcap Chemical Processing audits.

The course will always address the current version of each checklist. Where revisions have been confirmed but not yet implemented the instructor will describe and clarify any significant changes.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved with Chemical Processing audits who is:

  • Already familiar with the general Nadcap process and is looking to obtain their first Chemical Processing Nadcap accreditation
  • Already accredited for Chemical Processing and wishes to improve their audit performance
  • New to Nadcap and will be responsible for managing or directly supporting Nadcap Chemical Processing audits
  • Responsible for the general oversight of Nadcap audits and needs to understand what should be happening
  • Potentially taking over direct liaison responsibilities in companies with experience of Nadcap and wants to confirm their understanding

Course Content:
  • During an Audit
    –  Describes what happens during a Nadcap audit.
  • Review of Checklist/Checklist Supplements
    –  Clarifies the requirements of each section of the checklists, down to individual questions where appropriate. includes information on frequently found problems as well as explanations of current requirements and interpretations from the Nadcap Chemical Processing Task Group.
  • Preparation for an audit
    –  Describes the planning needed during the six months before the audit. Includes details of actions that must be taken, such as completing a pre-audit and sending advanced information to the auditor.
  • Nonconformance Reports (NCRs)
    –  Examples and Responses
    –  Categories
    –  Groupings
  • Top NCRs for AC7108

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance from PRI.

About the Instructor:

Mr Yong Liao, Consultant, PRI
Yong Liao has more than 14 years experience in Aerospace Metal Finishing, and was a PRI Consultant since 2008. He provides the training of chemical processing (which include anodizing and plating) and the Nadcap Audit Preparation.

He has extensive knowledge of metal finishing for the aerospace industry, including Cad (bright and dull) plating, TiCad plating, Anodize, EnNi, conversion coating, passivation and painting. Combining extensive industrial and academic experience, Yong Liao was a previously a Post Doctoral Research Fellow with Department of Materials, Loughborough University, UK.

*Note: Course commencement is subject to minimum class size requirements.
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