Singapore team

B2B meetings with Japanese SMEs

Visit to Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with Enterprise Singapore

Presentation to NCCI of a Singapore souvenir

AAIS led a business mission to Tokyo and Nagoya from 14-19 Oct 2019, in conjunction with the “CEO Business Meeting Event for Innovative Technology” organised by SME Support Japan (SMRJ). SMRJ is a Japanese government agency with responsibility for SME development. The programme comprised B2B meetings with Japanese SMEs, briefings on Singapore by AAIS, and industry visits for participants. It was an excellent opportunity to meet potential Japanese partners, suppliers or customers, supported by excellent logistics, pre-assigned interpreters and business advisors.

AAIS also took the opportunity to call on the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). AAIS had the pleasure last year of separately hosting the Governor of Aichi Prefecture and President of Nagoya University, and the NCCI delegation. It was therefore satisfying to be able to make this return visit to NCCI. These exchanges reflect the positive business ties between Japan and Singapore.