TRACE International partnered with the AAIS to hold a one-day anti-bribery training workshop at The Fullerton Hotel. With over 110 registrants comprising members of the business and compliance community, based in Singapore and around the region, the workshop ended with a networking evening hosted by TRACE.

A broad range of topics were covered, including:

  • What constitutes bribery under international conventions, foreign laws (FCPA and the UK Bribery Act) and local law
  • How companies are handling the difficult issue of anti-bribery third party due diligence
  • Effective strategies for developing an anti-bribery compliance program
  • Challenges posed by the proliferation of international anti-bribery conventions and recent anti-corruption enforcement actions in Asia
  • The cost of ignoring local and international anti-bribery laws: criminal penalties and business costs

TRACE provides an end-to-end, cost-effective and practical solution for anti-bribery and third party compliance. TRACE International, the leading anti-bribery standard setting business association, pools resources to provide members with technology-enabled compliance tools and an expansive knowledge center.