AAIS launched its second Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) webinar series entitled, “Gearing up for AAM” on 5 May 2021. To be held on consecutive weeks in 3 parts, this first part explores Airworthiness Considerations in the design of eVTOLs. We were pleased to have expert speakers, Mr Michael Daniel of Aviation Insight and member of the AAIS Panel of Experts, and Professor James Wang, Director of Nanyang Technological University’s eVTOL Research and Innovation Centre.

Mr Daniel discussed airworthiness from the point of view of National Aviation Authorities, describing developments at ICAO, and the approaches taken by FAA, EASA and CAAC in advancing type certification for this new class of aircraft. Professor Wang complemented this discussion from the perspective of an aircraft designer, drawing on his experience as an eVTOL pioneer, and career in rotorcraft development at Sikorsky and Augusta Westland (now known as Leonardo).

Watch this Webinar below: