The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented fall in air travel and all types of air passenger demand. Even when travel restrictions and lockdowns are lifted, the willingness of consumers to travel by air is expected to remain limited initially, in particular on international markets. To maximize usage of the aircraft, commercial airlines are converting passenger cabin for temporary cargo transport for transportation of cargo ranging from medical supplies to daily essentials.

In this webinar held on 3 June 2020, Mr Dominic Chan of AAR Engineering Services – Asia shared about the various methods of transporting cargo in the cabin, considerations to ensure safe operations, and regulatory frameworks and references applicable to these situations. He also touched on the potential for the design and production of new products, services and configurations, and possibilities for related businesses in a post-pandemic aviation landscape.

We thank Mr Chan for an engaging and informative session and all participants for their interest and insightful questions. We look forward to organising more of such events and invite partners keen to share current and relevant industry shifts to contact us.

Watch this Webinar below: