The 21st Annual General Meeting of the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) took place on 20 October 2023 at the WingsOverAsia Lounge in Seletar Aerospace Park. AAIS members were present in good numbers, and early birds took the opportunity to catch up with each other before the commencement of the proceedings.


The AGM commenced with opening remarks by AAIS President, Mr Wong Yue Jeen, who highlighted the industry’s promising path to recovery and growth. Referencing the Aerospace and Air Transport Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs), Mr Wong emphasised the Association’s role in advancing and promoting the aerospace and aviation industries. He noted that the association will continue its focus on key agenda items for the industry including Sustainability, Safety, Talent Development, and Supply Chain Resilience.

Following the opening remarks were the Annual Report Presentation by Honorary Secretary, Ms Lim Hee Joo, and a financial performance overview of the past fiscal year by Honorary Treasurer, Mr Desmond Goh.

During the AGM, AAIS members endorsed the FY2022/23 Annual Report and the audited Financial Report. Members approved the reappointment of Mr Paul Sandosham of Clifford Chance as Honorary Legal Advisor, and Ernst & Young as the Honorary External Auditor for the Association.


Appreciation for the 13th Management Committee 2021/23

The Association also recorded its appreciation to the 13th Management Committee for its leadership and support from the midst of the pandemic in 2021 to the post-pandemic period of recovery and growth. Two MC members who stepped down from the committee at the AGM were recognised:

  1. Mr Mads Bondergaard ​(AAIS 2nd Vice-President​ – October 2020 – October 2023​)
  2. Ms Yap Siok Leng​ (AAIS Assistant Hon. Treasurer​ – October 2021 – October 2023​)

Appointment of the 14th Management Committee 2021/23

Eligible AAIS members participated in an election to elect the new 14th Management Committee which will be serving a two-year term (until AGM in 2025). The election results for the 14th AAIS Management Committee were announced. We congratulate all elected members of the committee!

Three AAIS Secretariat staff were recognised for their long years of service. The AGM formalities then concluded with closing remarks from re-elected AAIS President, Mr Wong Yue Jeen. Mr Wong celebrated the achievements of the association’s 20th Anniversary projects and highlighted AAIS’ involvement in the upcoming Singapore Airshow in February 2024.