4th ASEAN Sustainability Forum

The 4th ASEAN Sustainability Forum was organised on the sidelines of the 48th ASEAN Air Transport Working Group meeting on 4 Oct 2023 at Amara Hotel, Singapore. This was the fourth such session under the two-year chairmanship of CAAS and once again, AAIS members were invited to participate in the proceedings in-person or on-line. Speakers at the event included AAIS, Boeing, CSIRO, ICAO and EcoCeres.

AAIS Chief Executive was privileged to address the Forum, sharing the vision of the Association, “an innovative aerospace community for a sustainable future”. He illustrated how this had guided AAIS’ efforts to build consensus and galvanise the community to action on the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. Various examples of industry initiatives in Singapore were cited, demonstrating the strong shared emphasis on sustainability. At an international level, AAIS worked primarily through the ICCAIA to support ICAO and global efforts. Locally, two of AAIS current projects were cited – the tracking of solar energy adoption by the industry, and the development of a sustainability framework for clusters.