President Mr Philip Quek shares the progress made towards the association’s vision.


The Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) held its 16th Annual General Meeting on 21 September 2018 at the Tourmaline Rooms, Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Addressing the members of AAIS, President Mr Philip Quek said, “Two years ago, we revisited the purpose and relevance of AAIS, resulting in the launch of a new mission and vision. This has re-energised our association and we have spent the last two years aligning our programmes to the new vision.We clarified our roles as being the Voice of Industry to promote a conducive business operating environment. Secondly, to be a Facilitator of Business, developing market channels for products and services to the aviation and aerospace industry. And finally, to Engender the Aerospace Community, promoting networks and collaboration.”

Commenting on the progress made, he added, “We have certainly made very good progress, expanding our services and being more relevant to businesses. Our approach has not been to set membership goals, but to focus on creating value for the industry. We believe that if we are successful in this, more companies will join us and find it relevant to support our efforts at developing the Singapore aerospace hub.”

Concluding his address, Mr Quek said, “We began our journey in hard times back in 2003, and have since weathered several storms together. It is my wish that collectively, we will continue to play an increasing significant role as a promoter of the aviation and aerospace industry in Singapore, even extending our influence internationally.This will only be possible with your continued support and encouragement. I welcome your ideas, active participation and collaboration. Let us work together to develop the association and strengthen the aerospace community.”

Mr Richard Wong accepting his appointment to the Management Committee.

At the AGM, Mr Richard Wong, General Manager of Pratt & Whitney – Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd, was elected to the Management Committee FY2017/19. This was to fill a position that had fallen vacant. Our congratulations to Mr Wong.

3 staff of AAIS were also presented with 5-year and 10-year service awards by the AAIS President, in recognition of their faithful service.