The World Meteorological Organization officially confirmed the year 2023 as the warmest year on record, by a huge margin. This has served to heighten the sense of climate crisis and adds importance to our efforts to promote solar adoption by the aerospace industry in Singapore.

Annual global mean temperature anomalies (relative to 1850–1900) from 1850 to 2023. Source: World Meteorological Organization


It has been two years since we published our inaugural solar report in 2021. During the intervening period much progress in solarisation has been made by the industry in a relatively short time. This report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of this progress, as part of industry’s collective efforts towards decarbonisation and sustainability.

To ensure a more complete record, we have doubled our survey outreach to more aerospace companies this time. 52 companies (an additional 24 companies over the 2021 report) were invited to participate in the survey. Amongst those who responded to the call, the majority have deployed, are deploying or planning to deploy, solar facilities.

Cover image by torstensimon from Pixabay