Drones are playing an increasingly significant role in society, from making some jobs safer, increasing efficiency in logistics, to providing life-saving support. They have become an important asset and tool for organizations looking for better and safer ways to get things done.

However, there are risks associated with these ‘flying computers’. Drones collect, store and transmit data (video, audio, GPS telemetry) over wireless communications to devices and in some cases, the unprotected cloud. Data can therefore be intercepted in various ways during flight and the drone itself can also be taken down via multiple means, exposing potentially sensitive data to attackers. Dr Heather Monthie explores ways to develop secure drones, from building, coding, flying, to certification. She also speaks to educators about how cybersecurity can be taught in schools.

Drones have also been used for nefarious purposes, and vital installations like airports are grappling with the problem of drone detection and deployment of  effective countermeasures. Harshit Agrawal examines the various technological solutions to these issues in his presentation.

We are pleased to have collaborated with DroneSec, a member of Singapore UAS Community, to present this webinar.

Watch this Webinar below: