Adherence to established procedures is the cornerstone of aviation safety and operational efficiency in the air transport industry. Yet, despite the rigorous training of aerospace engineers and technicians, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues to find that “deviations from approved procedures continue to be a leading cause of maintenance-related aircraft accidents”.

As part of our efforts to raise awareness and promote aviation safety, AAIS organised an exclusive seminar, “Understanding Procedural Drift and its Effects,” to uncover and discuss the underlying causes and implications of procedural drift in aviation maintenance.

Held on 14 August, the session featured Mr Jason Bok, Vice President of Quality & Safety for Commercial Aerospace Corporate at ST Engineering Aerospace. His comprehensive presentation delved into systemic, leadership, and team elements that contribute to procedural drift. He also offered his views and expertise on how precise preventive and corrective actions can be developed to counter this challenge. Jason also gamely took on questions from the audience which comprised aerospace professionals overseeing quality, safety, operations, training, production and the like.

Despite a downpour that afternoon, the seminar was well attended by industry professionals and proved to be an invaluable platform for knowledge exchange and collective learning. We extend our gratitude to Mr Jason Bok for his enlightening insights and to all the attendees who participated actively at the event. Stay tuned for more enriching opportunities and knowledge-sharing activities as we strive to foster continuous growth and excellence.