AAIS reserves the right to adjust the discount/voucher policy.

The Professional Development arm of AAIS offers a spectrum of training and development programmes throughout the year. These range from general / soft-skill to industry-specific certification courses.

AAIS Member companies will be credited with the following computations of e-ATVs each work year. The value of e-ATVs allocated depends on the organisation’s annual AAIS Membership Subscription Fees:

Annual AAIS Membership Subscription Fee Value of e-Vouchers
S$250 S$1,250 (25 e-ATVs)
S$2,500 S$1,250 (25 e-ATVs)
S$5,000 S$2,500 (50 e-ATVs)
S$7,500 S$3,750 (75 e-ATVs)

e-ATVs credited to AAIS Members may be used for training programmes from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Points to note:

  • The denomination of e-ATVs will remain unchanged, each having a value of S$50 (non-exchangeable for cash). e-ATVs can only be used for AAIS Training Programmes, unless otherwise stated.
  • The value of e-ATVs issued to Members is dependent on the organisation’s annual AAIS Membership Subscription Fees.
  • The maximum number of e-ATVs that a member can use for each employee will differ between the various courses.
  • The maximum number of e-ATVs allowed for each course is stated under “Fees” in the course outlines.
  • The AAIS will track the number of e-ATVs on behalf of all Member Companies. Please contact AAIS (Jen Ng) if you wish to find out your balance of e-ATVs, or require more information about its use.

Company X (entitled to 50 ATVs per year) is sending 2 employees to attend a course priced at S$450/pax.

The course description specifies that up to a maximum of 3 e-ATVs can be used for each employee. ie., Company X is allowed to use up to 6 e-ATVs for its 2 employees. This works out to savings of up to S$300.

Company X can choose to use only 4 e-ATVs for its 2 employees.
This works out to savings of up to S$200.

Do remember to make full use of your e-ATVs this coming year!
If you have any further queries, please contact Jen Ng at 6922 1770 or email training@aais.org.sg