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Drones open an exciting new range of opportunities for businesses across several industries. Just like any emerging technology, these advances bring to light important issues of governance, regulation, and security which government, investors, and organisations need to be aware of.

Drones are cyber-physical systems, meaning they’re hovering computer systems made up of networks similar to that of traditional IT systems. Increasingly, drones are internet-connected and hence provide new potential avenues for compromise leading to information leakage and data breaches which could result in significant financial and reputational loss.

If your organisation is developing drones in-house or purchasing them from a vendor, this often necessitates upskilling of staff in regard to the use, security, and responsibilities that come with the use of drone technologies. Organisations, government bodies, and councils have a duty of care to their staff, customers, and the general public when it comes to the use of, and defence against, drones. DroneSec specialises in creating and delivering the most up-to-date drone security programs in a way that most benefits you and your organisation.

DroneSec training programs aren’t just for organisations. Individuals looking to upskill in order to be well placed for future work, or as a hobbyist looking to understand the full range of drone technology, there are three levels of training available to suit your needs.

Drone Security Fundamentals (Course Level 1)
Course Outcome:
A solid understanding of commercial and industrial drones, the threats they pose and the threats affecting them within businesses. A basic understanding of the laws and regulations within this space.
Course Outline:
– Drone and Security Basics
– Cyber-UAV Security
– Privacy and Trespass
– Threat Modelling
– Counter Drones
– Drone Security Services
– International Standards
– Forecasts and Predictions
Who is this course for?
Professionals and beginners alike, both never flown before and those well accustomed with flying. Similarly, the course appeals to non-technical individuals looking to protect assets and environments from rogue drones.
Drone Security Regulations (Course Level 2)
Course Outcome:
Understand and manage risks associated with drones within projects and developments. A concrete understanding of the laws and regulations affecting
drone use and application.
Course Outline:
– Laws and Regulations
– The Cyber Physical Dilemma
– Laws on Countering Drones
– Regulations & Legal Loopholes
Who is this course for?
Individuals who are interested in the field of drone operations, counter-drone and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system laws and regulations. This course is for professionals and beginners alike, looking to use drones or counter-drone systems in a lawful manner.
Drone SecOps: Offense & Defense (Course Level 3)
Course Outcome:
A good understand of drone attack vectors, vulnerabilities and counter-drone systems. The ability to navigate drone security problems within your organisation or work.
Course Outline:
– Threat Intelligence
– Advanced Counter Drones
– Defensive Drone SECOPS
– Offensive Drone SECOPS
– Cyber Security
– Digital Forensics
Who is this course for?
Individuals who are in the defensive or offensive security fields operating drones, counter-drone or UTM systems. This course is for professionals and beginners alike, looking to use drones in red team engagements, assess the effectiveness of Counter-Drone systems and manage the software development security of UTM systems.

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