AAIS launched its second Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) webinar series entitled, “Gearing up for AAM” on 5 May 2021. Held on consecutive weeks in 3 parts, this third and final part explored the AAM Supply Chain with a particular focus on design and manufacturing of eVTOL vehicles. Held on 19 May 2021, we were pleased to have panel speakers, Mr Ian Lam, GM of Schaeffler Aerospace and Ms Evelyn Khoo, Business Development Manager for Composite Materials at Solvay.

Both speakers discussed how their companies were drawing on prior experience in the aerospace and automotive markets to position themselves as suppliers. Mr Lam drew useful comparisons between the supply chains for the AAM and automotive sectors. In particular, he highlighted the relative scale of these sectors, noting that AAM production volumes were expected to be higher than in aerospace. Ms Khoo spoke of Solvay’s co-development approach to the use of composite materials in AAM.

The AAM market is at an early stage of development, with no platforms yet certified by aviation authorities. However the market expectations are driving the rapid evolution of a supply chain, often involving non- aerospace suppliers. It is timely for us to understand how to position for, and address this developing opportunity.


Watch this Webinar below: