AAIS launched its second Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) webinar series entitled, “Gearing up for AAM” on 5 May 2021. To be held on consecutive weeks in 3 parts, this second part explored Airspace Management with a particular focus on technology developments, and the progress being made in the UK. Held on 12 May 2021, we were pleased to have panel speakers, Ms Elizabeth Chau, Head of UAM at NATS and Mr Frank Erb, Director Digital Aviation Market Development at Thales.

Ms Chau spoke of how the UK is preparing for AAM and shared a powerful visualisation of unmanned aircraft (UA) operations across the UK. Mr Erb discussed developments in UTM and how Thales is extending its ATM capabilities into this space. This was followed by a panel discussion on future directions, for example on the technology options for implementing tracker ID for UA, including ADSB.


Watch this Webinar below: