Phase 2 of the AAIS Aerospace Manpower Study and recommendations based on the findings was released at this final session on 29 November 2011 at the SIA Group Sports Club, with more than 35 participants in attendance. Phase 2 revealed more detailed findings and strategies to address manpower gaps and development of the next generation of aerospace professionals.

The release of these findings follows the presentation of the Study’s preliminary findings at the AAIS’ Aerospace Supplier eXchange (ASX) 2011 earlier in May 2011.

Mercer Singapore gave insight to the latest remuneration survey results and presented case studies, such as that of Boeing. HR personnel were provided with the various options available that could assist to better engage and retain the existing aerospace workforce. The conclusion of both phases of the Study marks the beginning of activities to reinforce continued efforts to attract new entrants to the aerospace industry.

The AAIS would like to thank Wong Su Yen, Low Wan Ve and Ruchika Salotra of Mercer Singapore, and all attendees for taking time off their busy schedules for this final session.

CD-ROMs containing the complete AAIS Aerospace Manpower Study Phase 2 are available for AAIS Members. Email to to get your copy.